What's Internal About Martial Arts?

Mastery - Not Mystery
There is no mystery to internal martial arts. Just put your mind in your body, minimize emotion, root to the earth, maintain structure and deliver force with appropriate intent. The only mystery is mastery.

It's Only Words that Cause Confusion
Internal Martial Arts have been around for a thousand years yet the underlying principles of body mechanics haven't changed.  What has changed is the language, culture, and terms used to describe the techniques. Don't let the descriptions throw you. In the end it comes down to doing what works.

You Don't Need to Re-invent the Wheel
You don't need to re-discover the principles of internal energy.Others have already done this for you. What you need is to experience these principles for yourself. 

An Ounce of Action is Worth a Pound of Thought 
In the martial arts action is the means of expression. You train to act even before you think.  Action and thought become one! This is in itself a yoga. Thought and action contain each other. Power is efficiently generated. Energy is conserved in the system. The fist goes directly to the target.

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