Scott Sonnan - Threaded Scorpion Bridge

Hall of Fame Celebrity Coach Scott Sonnon demonstrates a progression from Prasara Body-Flow yoga: the Threading Scorpion Bridge.  It takes athleticism, concentration, strength, flexibility and sheer guts to attempt a progression like this. The results? An outpouring endorphin that should flood your system with feelings of confidence, well being, and poise.  Nirvana on earth? Maybe not.  But certainly close.

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PRASARA YOGA: Flow Beyond ThoughtPRASARA YOGA: Flow Beyond Thought

Prasara is the Sanskit term meaning "flow without thought."  Our natural state of peak experience (Samadhi) is one of relaxation, fluidity, and spontaneity beyond the influence of the ego and its fear reactivity.  In this book, Scott Sonnon presents his unique approach for realizing the creative expression of the self.  If Asana develops structural integrity, and Vinyasa links breathing, then Prasara allows flow to erupt within us.