Fighting gravity getting you nowhere? Why less is more in stretching.

Garbage in, garbage out.  The theory that you need to force your muscles to stretch may be just that, a theory.  Wonder why you're not getting results?  Stop trying and learn to relax.  Less may be more.  Let Pavel Tsatsouline show you why.

Relax into Stretch : Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle TensionRelax into Stretch : Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension

Instant Flexibility Through Mastering Muscle Tension.  An illustrated guide to the 36 most effective techniques for super flexibility.

  • How the secret of mastering your emotions can add immediate inches to your stretch
  • How to wait out your tension - the surprising key to greater mobility and a better stretch
  • How to fool your reflexes into giving you all the stretch you want
  • Why contract-relax stretching is 267% more effective than conventional relaxed stretching
  •  How to breathe your way to greater flexibility
  • Using the Russian technique of Forced Relaxation as your ultimate stretching weapon 
  • How to stretch when injured - faster, safer, ways to heal
  • Young, old, male, female - learn what stretches are best for you and what stretches to avoid
  • Why excessive flexibility can be detrimental to athletic performance
  • Plateau-busting strategies for the chronically inflexible 

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