"Warrior Speed" by Ted Weiman

Warrior Speed 
This excellent book is highly recommended for the serious athlete wanting to know more about how speed training impacts performance. Start improving your speed or enhancing your general health with researched backed knowledge.

  • What is the origin of speed and how can you enhance your natural talents?
  • What are plyometrics and how should you do them to avoid common injuries?
  • How effective are supplements like creatine and HMB?
  • Which weight training methods are most effective for improving speed?
  • Does visualization really work?
  • What is the zone and how can you make it work for you?
  • Why is cross training potentially hazardous to your martial arts training?
  • Which type of stretching also increases your speed?
  • What are the most effective ways to build hand and foot speed?
  • Which common techniques are fastest and why?
  • Why is one stance faster than any other in sparring?
  • How can you use mental tricks and deception to gain a speed advantage?

Warrior Speed

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