Pistol Progression Pt.1

In this series, Coach Carl breaks down the Pistol movement into a number
of progressions to develop the one-legged squat. We've talked about
adding the Candlestick Roll and using its momentum as an assistance to
the Pistol, but now Carl is on to exploring the strict version of the
Pistol and exploring why it is so challenging for some athletes.

In this first video, Carl demonstrates a number of quick tests and drills
to diagnose and challenge the athlete with regards to balance, strength,
and mobility for the Pistol. Just like any other movement, as soon as
we remove a point of contact and decrease the base of support, we
instantly increase the difficulty as there are more degrees of freedom
and less stability. When this happens, we need to go back to check that
our movement mechanics are solid before removing the point of contact,
and in this case we have to test to make sure our Squat and Lunge
mechanics are solid before we attempt the Pistol.

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