Essential Shoulder Health

Essential to shoulder health is internal and external rotation. The scapular wall slide is great to both mobilize the shoulders and check your external rotation. Keep in mind, don't compensate with the thoracic spine.

The sleeper stretch is a good move to stretch the external rotators of the shoulder by moving the joint internally. Internal rotation is another important facet of shoulder health.

Essential shoulder mobility and strength week rolls on! First I show a "tea cup" mobility exercise seen from Steve Cotter. Great for gaining full range of motion in the shoulder before exercise.

Next Rob Williams shows a side lying shoulder mobility exercise to handcuff. Perform each shoulder exercise 5-6 reps before a full workout or training session.

Looking for an exercise shoulder complex that can both build shoulders AND keep them healthy / pain free?

Perform 3 sets of 12 single arm dumbbell military press, 12 iso hold dumbbell power cleans, and 3 retracted single arm should Y s.

Not only will you be neurologically developing the ability to disassociate movement in one shoulder to the other, but you will also be developing core strength due to the un-even loading.

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