TACFIT Pre-Kickbox Workout

Scott Sonnon demonstrates TACFIT Kickboxer 1D Workout

For Time, Compete 6 Rounds Non-Stop:
* 30sec Double Clubbell Swings (70lbs)
* 30sec Two-Handed Kettlebell "Sambo" Swing (32kgs)
* 30sec Plyometric Hurdle Triple Jump (24inches)
* 30sec Jumping Medball Leg Lift (14lbs)
* 30sec Two-Handed Clubbell Side-Rockit (45lbs)
* 30secR/30secL Unilateral Clubbell Bulgarian Split Squat (45lbs)
* 2X30sec Plyometric Cossack Lunge Leg Extension
* R.E.S.E.T. Breathing to 65% of maximum heart rate before the next round

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