Bodyweight Exercise—Full Body Leg Thread

You've heard us say it before—we're after go muscle not show muscle.

When I learned to surf, the first week I was sore in ALL kinds of places! But it would've been pretty idiotic for me to ask somebody out in the lineup what muscle surfing works. Ever seen a fat and weak surfer?

One of my favorite CST bodyweight exercises almost always elicits that same infamous question. When you look at it, its hard to figure out just whats going on. But once you figure it out and put it into your training it'll become one of your favorites too.

I showed it to a buddy of mine a couple years ago, and he still does it every night as part of his evening routine. He doesn't do anything but this and Intu-Flow. But he's feeling great and still kicks butt when he jumps into an impromptu game of soccer. (today was his 42nd birthday!)

I hope you have fun with this one. When you leave your comment, make sure you tell us how quickly you picked the movement up. And tell us how you think you could fit this movement into your own training.